Woman in a living room with tea.
Tea bag thread from Zwirnerei Wutach.
100 000 afternoons full of enjoyment.

afternoons full of enjoyment.*

Connoisseurs of fine tea place value on pure flavor. So who wants to let a thread ruin the enjoyment. That's why we keep an eye on absolute cleanliness and the highest quality when producing our teabag threads.

*Number of tea bags, which can be made with one of our tea bag thread cones.

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Chefs in a kitchen.
Food packaging with thread from Zwirnerei Wutach.
1000 kg safely and neatly sealed.

Bags safely and neatly sealed.*

When packaging food, particularly high requirements must be met. No one should have to accept compromises in the quality of the daily supplies owing to contamination. With our threads, foods arrive at their destination firmly sealed and clean.

*Number of bags that can be sealed with one of our bag sewing thread cones.

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Tampon thread
Hygiene product with thread from Zwirnerei Wutach

Feeling secure and clean.*

Secure, clean and discrete. These requirements are particularly important on some days. Our products set the highest standards. Our thread can be relied upon for strength, ideal finishing and hygiene at any time and in any situation.

*Number of tampons, which can be made with one of our tampon string cones.

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Trend-setting quality.

Hygiene and product safety are our main concerns. In order to meet the highest requirements, all processes are fully supervised by quality management.

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In the doubling mill's laboratory.


The majority of our energy requirements are covered using renewable and CO²-neutral power from the Wutach.

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